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Ultrasonic Testing Practical (Revision / Upgrade) RTO/UT2


A course for those who already have basic understanding of the technique of ultrasonic inspection and needs intensive instruction to improve their knowledge and increase their experience. The course is suitable for candidates who are wishing to progress towards any of the examination qualification. The course has a high practical content, all equipment is provided.

Course content:

  1. Revision basic technique
  2. Probe identification
  3. Test sensitivity
  4. Equipment checks
  5. Geometry / ultrasonic technique selection
  6. Defect sizing methods
  7. Practical exercise on a wide variety of weld
  8. Defect response


Any numbers of days are required

Pre-requisite for attending this course:

At least basic understanding of ultrasonic technique and knowledge of the controls on an ultrasonic test unit. If attempting a PCN examination the requirements of PCN/GEN must be met. If attempting an ASNT examination the requirement of your company's written practice must be met.